Longevity of knowledge combined with the ability to adapt to changes are the key foundation to a great investment team.

Rich Life

When you think of richness, perhaps you immediately think of monetary wealth. While this area of life is incredibly important, what’s more significant are the steps taken to achieve a sense of financial stability. Having the knowledge and skills to build wealth responsibly can bring a sense of strength, comfort, and safety that is priceless.

Before you invest your first dollar, it’s crucial that you have a clearly crafted plan about what you want to achieve in life. We work with you to clarify that plan, and then we create a personalized, adaptable investment portfolio that is aligned with your financial life plan.

Invest wisely

Investing shouldn’t be something that causes you stress.

Each investor has different thresholds of comfort; times where impulses may override and actions are no longer analytically based. Benjamin Graham once said, “The investors chief problem - and even his worst enemy - is likely to be him or herself”. Having an advisor as part of your decision-making process is paramount to sustaining a strong portfolio that won’t take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Your investments should reflect your financial goals and objectives, that’s why we and we consistently monitor its progress to help ensure it stays on track. Our open and transparent communications keep you updated and informed.

Invest with clarity

We provide you with a disciplined process and unbiased financial management - customized to your individual needs. Each investor has different thresholds of comfort. Having the right advisor, to help you make informed decisions, is paramount to sustaining a strong portfolio – one that won’t take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Your investment portfolio should reflect your financial goals, so we consistently monitor its progress to help ensure it stays on track. Our open and transparent communication keep you updated and informed.


As independent advisors, we are not restricted to any investment products or companies, thus, we work exclusively in your best interest. Our customized portfolios can provide you access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GICs and other securities. With us, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.


Fees are charged when investing at a bank, on your own, or with an advisor – but some fees are more obvious than others.

We keep it simple by providing transparency of all fees and flexibility of how they are charged, so you can decide which is best for you:

  • Fee Only
    This is a flat percentage based on the total assets we manage for you. This minimizes the overall fees paid and it is withdrawn directly from your investment account, so it doesn’t affect your monthly budget. Plus, the fees paid are tax deductible.
  • Commission
    This is a commission, or a trading fee, paid to us for buying the stocks, mutual funds, etc. for you. These fees are not eligible for tax deductions.

Active Management

The investment market goes up and it goes down; the question is, how does your advisor respond to it? We believe in being active in managing portfolios and taking advantage of opportunities that the market creates. Active management creates flexibility to adapt not only to the market but also to the changes in your personal life, whether it’s unemployment, a new home, an expanded family, or retirement.

  • Core
    We tend to be a little more conservative in our approach to the core foundation of your plan. When it comes to your large overarching goals, such as retirement, we prefer investments with more stable growth.
  • Explore
    For those who like a bit more risk, we can take a portion of your portfolio outside the conservative box and explore unique opportunities.

Financial Infidelity

Tax Slip Surprise

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Tools at your fingertips

These financial tools won’t replace specific advice from a financial professional, but they will give you preliminary

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