You make a lot of decisions every day. Wouldn't it be nice if some of those just went on autopilot?

We make your insurance do just that. We do the work, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance has evolved. It is no longer a doom and gloom product that excluded many people from obtaining it. Premiums have decreased over time (while it seems everything else in the world is getting more expensive), its definition of what “healthy” is has become more lenient, and it now offers more benefits.

If you want to earn gift cards for being healthy and active, your policy can give you some. If you are HIV positive, you can now get insurance. If you smoke marijuana, you can be qualified as a non-smoker. If you hate needles, most policies don’t require a blood or urine test.

Critical Illness & Disability

Did you know that before the age of 65 you are 9 times more likely to have health issues than to pass away? Besides providing money when you need it most, there are extra benefits that are often overlooked:

  • Free Second Opinion
    Have your diagnosis and/or treatment plan evaluated by leading medical minds across the globe, providing the most up to date clinical information available on almost any medical condition when you have a critical illness policy.
  • Return of Premiums
    Options to get ALL your premiums returned to you either when you cancel your policy or pass away. It is there when you need it most, and if you don’t, then get your money back.
  • Partial Disability
    This means you are unable to perform ALL the duties of your job if you become disabled. We prefer policies without such a strict definition and thus we like to include partially disability.
  • 24 Hour Coverage
    Unlike workers compensation, you are covered with our policies whether you are on the job or not.
Home & Auto

We provide you with home & auto quotes from numerous insurance companies each and every year to ensure you have the best rates and coverage.

Group Health

Whether you’re your own boss, or a boss of many, a health plan is important. Benefit plans don’t have to be rigid and strict, many provide flexible options that you can customize to your own needs.

Great health isn’t guaranteed, but acceptance to health plan can be.

Why the *#%$ are my insurance premiums going up??

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