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Many of the world’s most difficult problems have been solved with the simplest solutions; we strive to keep everything we do simple.

what we do

We help eliminate nagging financial worry.

By bringing all the financial expertise you need together, one team focusing on all aspects of your plan, we can ensure all the components are working in unison. This means less work for you and a customized plan that can reduce your debt and taxes, save for a rainy day and retirement, yet allow you to still enjoy life now.

Financial Planning

We work in unison with you and our legal, investment, insurance, accounting, and real estate advisory team to put a comprehensive and customized plan together for you.


We provide you with unbiased professional management and a disciplined process that manages your overall levels of risk and return, ensuring it is customized to your needs.


From Life, health, home, to auto and everything in between, we can help. Our team of brokers can find the best rates in the marketplace.

Real Estate & Mortgages

Buying or selling, refinancing or renewing, our team helps you with your residential and commercial properties.


Staying on top of the ever-changing tax laws, is what we passionately do, so that you don’t have to.


We help you navigate the complexities of the law and help determine the best course of action for your needs.

our process

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of decades of working with clients.



It is imperative that your goals are understood and having someone help put those into tangible, measurable objectives is the first step.

We believe that each person’s unique personality, history, decision-making approach, and reactionary behaviours need to be taken into account when setting objectives. Without this, a plan can never succeed.



Without active collaboration, an investment is a gamble, insurance can be overbought, and a home can be expensive. Each done in isolation disregards the influencing factors of taxation, economic environment, regulatory changes, debt, and goals.

Which is why we consult with our advisory team to help structure a plan that not only looks good on paper but can withstand the realities of the real world.



We create a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, financial plan customized for your needs.  Our plans identify any problem areas or opportunities with respect to your:

  • Capital need
  • Risk management needs and coverage
  • Investments
  • Taxation
  • Retirement planning
  • Health benefits
  • Estate planning
  • Special needs (i.e. adult dependent needs, education needs, etc.)


This is where the plan comes to life. Our team of specialists will help to implement the strategies and products required to execute on the plan.


annual review

Each year we benchmark your progress against the financial objectives you established. There are many factors that can influence the success of your plan, thus, fine tuning and monitoring are a key part of the process.

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