why us?

uncommon expertise.

Like a spectacular latte, we are the perfect combination of ingredients.

Employees rarely stay in just one position or company for their entire career. To move up in seniority, many people change companies. This is true in the financial sector as well.

Financial firms often assign an advisor to each of their clients. Then, high employee turnover creates a revolving door of different advisors managing the execution of a client’s plan. This inherently creates inconsistency and instability in a portfolio.

We do things differently. We’ve brought together a team of long-term, successful, and passionate business owners, not employees, to collaboratively form Savanti Wealth. We use the collective expertise of our team to bring knowledge and consistency to everything we do for you.

We are not solely an investment, insurance, legal, nor real estate company. We are a collaboration of all these areas of speciality, together as one team.

We are your no-nonsense, get it done, always got your back, make you laugh, tell it to you straight - financial partner.

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

our why

We think there are a lot of people who sell products and services that forget one very simple fact - the person they’re interacting with is a human being, just like them. They have hopes, fears, dreams, and aspirations just like anyone else, yet when it comes to business all that matters is the next sale. We just can’t do that. We think a financial transaction is one of the most intimate things we do every day, yet most people never really realize it.

Allow us to explain.

Our lives and our time is very finite. When we go to work, we’re investing our precious time for a paycheque. We’re trading a piece of our lives every day for the money we use to live; to pay bills, to buy things, and to go places. We believe that companies need to consider the significance of these purchases. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to turn some of these purchases into the fulfillment of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We do what we do because its our passion.

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financial strategist, insurance & investments
investments & insurance
mortgage broker
realtor - residential & commercial
lawyer - family law, wills, estates

We love what we do

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